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About Us

Experience Limitless Possibilities with Our Free QR Code Generator

Welcome to QRCode.skillsurface.com, your gateway to creating custom QR Codes effortlessly. Our platform offers a plethora of features, including the option to add frames and much more. Dive in and try it out – it's absolutely free. Craft your QR Code by uploading your logo, selecting custom colors, choosing patterns, and then downloading the final QR code. Formats available include .png and .svg.

Unleash the Power of QRCode "Skill"

QRCode.skillsurface.com stands tall among the most renowned free online QR code generators, boasting millions of QR codes already generated. Our focus on high-resolution QR codes coupled with robust design options positions us as one of the premier free QR code generators for both commercial and print applications.

Endless Longevity with Unlimited Scans

At QRCode.skillsurface.com, we believe in limitless possibilities. Our generated QR codes are eternal – they don't expire and carry no scanning restrictions, setting us apart from other commercial QR code generators. While the QR codes themselves are static, bear in mind that they can't be edited again after creation.

QR Codes with Your Distinct Logo

Elevate your QR code's appeal by incorporating your unique brand. Our platform makes adding a logo to your QR code a breeze. Remarkably, the QR codes retain their readability even with a logo integrated. Thanks to our error correction feature, a logo can cover up to 30% of the QR code's space without impacting its functionality.

Unleash Creativity with Custom Design and Colors

Stand out from the crowd by personalizing your QR code's design and colors. Modify the shape and style of corner elements and the QR code's body. Our platform empowers you to select your preferred colors for all QR code elements. Add a gradient color effect to the QR code's body and watch it captivate attention. Remember, an attractive QR code can encourage more scans.

Print-Ready High-Resolution QR Codes

QRCode.skillsurface.com offers QR codes in print quality, complete with high resolutions. When crafting your QR code, choose the highest pixel size for .png files suitable for printing. Alternatively, opt for vector formats like .svg, .eps, and .pdf for impeccable quality. The .svg format, in particular, preserves all design settings and serves as the ideal print format compatible with various vector graphic software.

Vector Formats for Flawless QR Codes

Distinguishing us from many other QR code generators, QRCode.skillsurface.com provides vector formats that maintain quality even in high resolutions. Unlike traditional QR code makers, our vector formats empower you to print QR codes without compromising on quality. For editing purposes, we recommend the .svg format, while .pdf and .eps formats are compatible with classic QR codes without design or logo options.

Free for Commercial Use

Embrace freedom with QRCode.skillsurface.com – all QR codes generated are 100% free and usable for any purpose, including commercial endeavors.

Join us at QRCode.skillsurface.com journey of innovation and creativity through the world of QR codes.

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